Januari 27, 2011

Giving Foot Massage on Bioelektrik Stimulation

As traditional medicine expert Professor Hembing Wijayakusuma, rock pressure on the soles of the feet to stimulate organs bioelektrik in touch with titiksyaraftelapak foot. "Stimulation bioelektrik facilitate blood flow so the body becomes fresh."

Massage on the soles of the feet will provide the stimulus that can expedite the flow of blood and body fluids. As a result, the circulation distribution of nutrients and oxygen to the body's cells to be smooth without any obstacles whatsoever.

Furthermore, the smooth circulation of blood flow that will give the effect of relaxation and freshness to the whole body. "The body has a balance condition," explained the professor who has written 70 books about this.

It should also be remembered, reflexology foot massage therapy should be done thoroughly. That is, massage is not just at one point a specific foot nerves. The process of handling cases of ringing in the ears for example, not only suppress the point of nerve-related foot ear. Nerve point massage soles of feet associated with organs of the head, kidneys, and lymph nodes should also be conducted. "All the organs were associated with ear organ," said Hembing.

Does this therapy have side effects? Hembing confirmed, this therapy has no side effects as long done well and according to instructions.

The perceived benefits of foot reflexology, among others, can relieve some of the disease, both physically and mentally. Can also accelerate blood circulation, prevent and cure cholesterol, hypertension, gout, kidney, heart, headaches, insomnia, stress, often tired, less vibrant, lethargic and add excitement, healthy muscles, offering toxins and freeing the trapped energy due disruption of muscle.

Human foot has nerve points relating to other body organs. Well, the workings of reflexology foot massage therapy, including to provide stimulus to the relaxation of body parts associated with nerve point foot massage.

Core reflexology foot massage therapy, located in the activation of reflexes in the feet which relate to other body parts. Reflexology foot massage therapy is to stimulate relaxation in the body associated with nerve point foot massage. "

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